Procrastination, Inspiration and The Phoenix

Showtime is in a matter of days. My students sections are choreographed and it looks like their costumes are almost there. Me on the other hand… I am stuck in a quagmire of procrastination, making useless superhero costumes for my children while my costume remains fastened by safety pins instead of hooks and eyes. Perhaps I can take inspiration from the Phoenix who rises out of the ashes???

If you have been following this blog from the beginning, you would know I am working on a vintage belly dance performance inspired by Mata Hari, Isis Wings and Peacock dances of Indonesia and Persia. I decided after seeing this clip (watch from 1.40) that I would do a Persian Peacock dance as part of the performance.

However the material I found for the wings is more fiery, so I decided my bird is the Phoenix not the Peacock. Or perhaps the Persian version – Simurgh.

Here is a little teaser of my experimentation with these wings… I don’t want to give too much away! Hope to see some of you at the Princess Farhana show on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination, Inspiration and The Phoenix

  1. Your looking good Trisna, Regards, Maria Makrides.

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