Nubian Jazz Club Experiment

Mata Hari Wings is concluded and Term 2 is upon us. Term 2 will see me working on a Nubian inspired choreography to Ali Hassan Kuban’s song “Mabruk” (Congratulations!).

I’ll also be choreographing a classical Persian piece as I’ll be delivering a Persian workshop in May. More news on that later. For now, lets start with inspirations for ‘Mabruk’.

I first became interested in Nubian when Maria Sangiorgi did a Nubian choreography for the 2005 Underbelly Bazaar. Unfortunately I can’t find a YouTube of this dance to show you. A few years ago I did a workshop with Amera Eid at Bahar Bayram camp and again my interest was piqued.

But this will not be a straight Nubian choreography as my inspirations are many and varied. Here are a few I can show you.

Reda Troupe:

Katherine Dunham:

Cyd Charisse:

Dawn Richard… not sure how this fits, but these clips are really inspiring – I am watching them, so something of the choreography/group work/costuming will probably turn up in the choreography somehow:

Can I do it? Nubian Jazz Club with a 2013 flavour? Check back to see how my students and I progress.

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