Creative Collaboration in 2013

Until this year, I hadn’t been teaching consistently for four years. Believe it or not, a lot has changed since then. The ease of taking and sharing photos and files has made working toward a performance with others quite a different experience.

At the end of many classes, students whip out their phones, video the choreography and share it with others in the class that night via Google docs or Dropbox.

Halfway through the term I started talking to my students about costuming for the Nubian Jazz Club Experiment. I was starting to feel it had a more 50s flavour than a 20s flavour. Rachel, one of my students had a strong vision of the look and felt it still had a 20s feel, so I invited her to share it with the others. This is part of the brilliant style sheet she came up with.

Nubian Choreography Costume Design Ref Sheet -1

Since then, students have been emailing me photos of costumes and posting inspiration on our Facebook group…


Next week, we all come together with costumes for the final week of rehearsals before the show… I wait with baited breath!

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