Drum solo from scratch

One night last week at 2.30am inspiration struck and I composed and choreographed a little drum solo for my Challenging students. Then I got in contact with George, one of our classes amazing regular drummers from Fingers of Fury drumming school.

On the weekend we collaborated on a rockin’ drum solo. He understood what I meant when I said, ‘tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak brrr brrr ba dagadagang’ and many other hilarious phrases. When I asked if he could play a Samba for a tiny section of the drum solo I had in mind he took off with the wildest Arabic/Latin funky rhythm I’ve ever heard and the drum solo has evolved into a Samba Carnivale piece!

Here is a teeny weeny sneak peak… The music accompanying it was edited in after the video – I am actually just singing the phrases to myself, but it makes for painful listening!

As for inspiration, before I started choreographing I had been watching these two lovely dancers, although looking back I’m not sure how much of them have made it into the choreoraphy:

Looking back at the following video of a choreography I learnt at Etoile Marley’s Beebop Arts Samba classes a couple of years ago, I think a fair bit of the Samba section is influenced by Etoile:

Continuing class students will be learning the Khaleegi routine I created for Underbelly troupe recently. This routine will also be accompanied by live drumming by George and Linda.

Enrol now for classes to be involved in these fun new choreographies. Next term these and other choreographies learnt through the year will be performed at Deakin Edge, FED Square, Thursday 12 December, 7.30pm as part of a completely FREE showcase. Don’t miss the opportunity to perform or help with costumes or back stage. Enrol now! Classes start in Fitzroy next Monday 15 July.

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