About Trisnasari

Trisnasari has danced all her life and in 2001 founded Melbourne’s Underbelly Dance Studio. Although she no longer directs the business, she continues to choreograph and dance with the Underbelly troupe.

She has choreographed, directed and performed with dance troupes at numerous festivals including The Port Fairy Folk Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival and created an award winning solo show for Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2003. She was a finalist in Dina’s Belly Dance Star Awards 2010.

As well as working with Federation Square to offer free belly dance classes as part of their Health and Well Being program, she also runs very popular belly dance classes with live drumming. She has performed and delivered workshops throughout Australia and abroad.

She aims to complete her Psychology qualification and consult as a Performance Psychologist for performing artists, assisting with overcoming anxiety and achieving peak performance.

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Pictures: Trisnasari’s four week column in The Age newspaper 2004; Trisnasari features on the cover and centre of “Recipes for a Great Life” by Gabriel Gate and Dr Rob Moodie; Trisnasari featured on the poster for Hossam Ramzy and Omar Faruk Tekbilek concert at The Arts Centre, 2006

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