Rachel Brice in Melbourne 2018

Dance with Trisnasari and Assuit and Tie Belly Dance Club are thrilled to present Rachel Brice in Melbourne, 31 August to 2 September 2018.

About Rachel Brice

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Workshop details

31 August 6.30-9.30pm


All Levels

Contrasting fluid technique with quick isolations + musicality = WHOA. In this workshop we’ll learn how to develop the contrasting qualities of fluid and percussive. We’ll experience two different types of practice: One to build both flexibility and control for slow movements, and one for speed for clean hip-work and locks.

This 3 hour workshop has two segments of 90 minutes each:

Part One: We’ll learn learn how to gain speed and clarity for locks, hip-work, and several shimmies through a carefully constructed practice sequence.

Part Two: We’ll learn phrases that integrate both slow and fast movements, and serves up a heavy dose of musical interpretation. You can use these combos for practice or performance.

Please be warmed up for this class. Bring water.

1 September 10.30am-3.00pm

Shake It Up & Break It Down: Int / Adv Choreo

Intermediate through advanced

Can you handle 3/4 shimmies at top speed?! If not, learn how! In this workshop we’ll learn 8 different approaches to our old friend the 3/4, including shimmies on the up and on the down, with different accents and foot patterns. Be sure that you’re comfortable with 3/4 shimmies on the up and on the down to get the most out of this class.

2 September 10.30am-3.00pm

Datura Style™ Combos for Improvisation:  Slo-Mo Vocabulary and Structured Improvisation

Intermediate through advanced

Learn belly dance combinations that combine American Cabaret and Fusion belly dance styles, with a heavy dose of rhythmic interpretation and emphasis on posture, arm placement, and huge, relaxed hip-work. Use these combinations in your next choreography or integrate the Datura Style™ Combos into your group’s improvisational vocabulary.Experience with belly dance recommended. Brush up on your spins and ATS® for this one.


318 Chapel Street, Prahran

Workshop investment:

3 hour workshop $140

4.5 hour workshop $210

Saturday and Sunday package: $400

Friday and Saturday or Friday and Sunday package: $335

All weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun) package: $530

No refunds. No part payments.

Registrations open 5 February, 2018

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